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The Foundation for Foundations (AAA) intends to change numerous social conditionings which we have organized in two major topics and help make the world more open, more loving and more understanding.

The programmes of Foundation for Foundations

"If you are a doctor, help them if you are a teacher, teach them if you are good, love them. "

The aim of the foundation is to draw attention to those charity organizations, foundations that have achieved the most for their environment in the given year, who have had an outstanding performance in sharing the thoughts of generations, for whom taking social responsibility plays a crucial role, who have helped others with their actions.

Our aim is to involve and bind more and more foundations on the same platform so that people could get a more comprehensive picture of the work and programs foundations carry out attracting more and more voluteers to support their activity.

The Foundation brought the Foundations' Award Gala into life. It aims to help and evaluate the activity of foundations operating in various categories (in the field of innovation, oeuvre, culture, social activity, art, music, sports) year by year.

Foundations who prove out to be the most successful, the most effective in helping others, those who have deserved the most merit, those being the most innovative, the strongest,the most purposeful, the most extraordinary, those whose activity has resulted in the greatest change, those who have performed a teaching role, those setting examples are awarded in seven categories, they set an example and motivate our society. A prestigous jury consisting of experts and professionals make the decision on which foundations should be awarded.

A 'Public' category is also to be launched on our online interface. Our aim to obtain and give a clearer picture of the activity of foundations in order to assist people to make a more conscious and more realistic decision when choosing who to help.

Foundation for children program

"Help to brighten children's face"

Children are high priority of the foundation, we take care of them not only by raising donations but also by creating various programs. Our society faces and struggles with several problems that affect younger generations. Such problems include separation from roots, the lack of determination, the lack of orientation to values, the incapability to stick to their nation, the land or even to their future. AAA foundation intends to help in these topics. With our programs we aim to help happier and more conscious generations grow up in a happier world.

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