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Who are participating in the gala?
Registered civil societies, professional jury members, supporters, representatives of the media, patrons, our goodness ambassadors and star guests.

How many nominations will start the gala on the awards ceremony?
It can be 21 foundations nominated in 7 categories.

How many foundations are filtered in the first round?
I.filter: 35 foundations in every category
II.filter: 35 foundation filtered totally
III.filter: 7x3 matrix was set up

What kind of organization, institution will help to gather accurate and reliable statistics of the foundations?
It is always based on the latest statistics. This is helped by the Central Statistical Office and the Commercial Court.

How may foundations can win?
There are 7 winner in 7 categories, so 1 winner in each category.

What do the foundations win?
Sponsorship support (prize money), (“sculpture” prize), PR and marketing support, volunteers, assistance, appreciation.

How many times a year awarded the foundations?
Just once!

How many people are involved in the professional jury?
The professional jury has 21 members.
There are 3 people in the professional jury in each category, who decides which will be the Foundation of the Year.

Who approves it?
A notary and the Chairman of the Board.

Who can run for the prizes?
Foundations, civil societies.
The most supportive, most innovative, most challenging, strongest, most goal-oriented, biggest change-making, mostly instructive, exemplary organizations.

What positive changes would like to induce with this initiative?
We want to promote charity, giving and supporting each other and also improving the charity index.
We associate charitable companies with NGO’s, thus providing “transparent” donations to the implementation of various charity programs.

Who are helping to generate money donations?
Sponsors, who consider the social responsibility highly important. Natural persons and companies equally. Fortunately, more and more company’s policy and culture includes “CSR awareness”. If a company has not considered donation important so far, we can help integrate it into its business policy. That is why so many supporters are on our side.

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