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Barbara Léber

Fashion designer, artist

Barbara Léber

After she finished the fashion designer course on MOME she spent some years in Spain (U.I.B. University), where she gained insight how do smaller haute couture salons work, which at the time had no culture in Hungary.

When she returned home (in December 1999) she opened her own salon, where dresses were made to highlight the character of their wearer. When she indites her dresses, the she seeks to bring attention to the face, to the wearer. Her wedding and haute couture dresses have made her known, and she believes that feminine, classic, eternal pieces never go out of fashion.

Her collections are inspired by self-conscious Woman, who is aware of her own values. She is trying to create garments that are feminine, but only as sexy as an intellectually valuable person can afford.

What are you most proud of your work?
Several years ago a renowned fashion magazine invited me a photo shooting with my 3 children. I am the most proud of this because at that time I was able to present the greatest values to me through my successful work.

What are the values for which you accepted the foundation’s request?
I find special the belief in the future of the Foundation. I feel it unique and I think it strongly stimulates the work of all charitable foundations.

What will be your role in the life of the Foundation as a member of the professional jury?
Art is eternal, it purpose is always to make you wonder and delight. During the work of foundations supporting art, I can add a valuable and forward-looking relationship with many interesting and unusual arts.

What do you expect from the initiative of the Foundation?
Spreading charity in our everyday culture and involve the younger generation into the thereby generated joy.

5. What is your message, motto?
During my work I try to make the best of everything from everyone by my professional knowledge..
"Every woman has something special that can and should be emphasized."

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