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As the Chairman of the Board of Trustees I have attended numerous business and charity events and I realized as the greatest lack that the world of business and charity are not bound in a conscious way.

With this initiative I would like to have people's way of thinking renewed. I would like to help connect those in need with help as soon as possible based on a conscious choice. I have seen that foundations are mainly founded by people who have overcome their own trauma in order to help their fellow sufferers. We have to help these strong people. Those who haven't experienced a trauma, may not be able to assess the mission, this way they may not be able to help in a broader circle, only in a tight family circle or friends. We have to become more open minded and have to dare to communicate about problems. This way we may find peace and acceptance sooner and can open up new horizons in the field of charity making the possibility for Y, Z and the Alfa generations to be socialized in it and not to be lost.

 With this initiation we let bad, deeply rooted habits, patterns go, we change them together in such a way that we teach future generations grow up for good deeds contributing to people's joy enjoyed together, togetherness by heart, that is worth living for, setting a target and reaching it enabling us to see lots of happy people grow up in a more joyful, more conscious world. "Leave better children for the world."

The foundation is working to help all foundations strive aheight, work more teamed up, promote their work, present their work in media thus make them more well-known.

We are teaching the conscious usage of the phrase "give-get".

Moreover we'd like to introduce different civil society organizations to business people and the world. Our main goal is to organize the " Award gala of foundations" awarding the most helpful, the most innovative foundations, those who have deserved the most merit in seven categories: Innovation, Sports, Culture, Arts, Oeuvre, Social and Music). There will be the possibility to vote for nominees in the Public category. We've requested a prestigious jury to decide on the awards.
Az alapítványokról  folyamatosan szeretnénk hírt adni  médiacsoportunk segítségével. Célunk, hogy bemutassuk őket, interjúkat készítsünk velük és egy külön adást, újságot is készítsünk eredményeik bemutatására.

We intend to spread news continually with the help of our media groups. Our goal is to introduce them, conduct interviews with them and prepare a new broadcast, newspaper to present their results, achievements. We'd like to get and present a clearer picture of them so that those ready to help could offer their help in the right place. We'd like supporting companies, celebrities, our society lacking time, our constantly rushing world not to stop helping even for a moment and could help wherever it's needed. Lots of people are ready to help due to their social sensitivity and if we can present their never- resting work they may receive more support. By receiving a feedback on the realization of these objectives we have helped these foundations grow and improve and find volunteers, supporters, people who are ready to help.

With this initiation we can "get and give" a clearer, more transparent, more comprehensive picture of how foundations work thus they may find supporters quicker and may feel motivated not to give up their forward lookig initiation since we reward their work and achievements with awards and acknowledgement thanks to our supporters.

We draw business people's attention to the meaning of giving, that it feels good to give, we make them see the life of foundations hence they may get a clearer, more transparent, more comprehensive picture and may make a more conscious decision on which civil organization is worth supporting.

Hence our main mission is completed: binding the business platform with charity for serve good purposes.

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