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Programmes for children

Children are high priority of the foundation, we take care of them not only by raising donations but also by creating various programmes. Our society faces and struggles with several problems that affect younger generations. Such problems include separation from roots, the lack of determination, the lack of orientation to values, the incapability to stick to their nation, the land or even to their future. AAA foundation intends to help in these topics. With our programmes we aim to help happier and more conscious generations grow up in a happier world. We aim to make the culture of donating more familiar so that children wouldn't be left out of charity either, we intend to reach them with the message of "It feels good to give" making them support good cases. Read more...

It feels good to give programme

Participating children are encouraged to pick a few of their beloved toys and give their peer one of them.

Heal with laugh programmes

Comedians joining our initiative make the children smile participating in our events.

Heal with music programme

Children participating in this programme can experience the healing power of music with the help of Hungarian artists.

Interviews Conducted By Children

Through this initiation of ours we'd like to pass on information to the younger generations based on the responses which may help them to develop the right structure of values in life helping them overcome everyday problems and prepare for unexpected situations.

Experience and develop programme

Listeners as learn such decision making, emotional and acting mechanisms that triggers us to take up charity activities and support others. This is completed with the 50-lesson-professional intership. Our objective with the programme is to have happier and more conscious generations grow up in a world more ready to help.

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