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Krisztina Kármán



My name is Krisztina Kármán. I was born in Budapest on 3rd July in 1973. As a young girl I was an active, always moving child so my mother enrolled me to and finally I ended up being a sport acrobat. Sport taught me to fight and be endurant, skills I can use both in my professions and in other fields of life.

After finishing my studies I got employed at a company specializing in watch and jewellery commerce as a shop assistant, later I got qualified as. At present I work as a customer service referent and as a service administrator. I am a mother of two grown up children.

What makes you the most proud regarding work?
I keep contact with clients in person and on the phone on a daily basis. I strive for excellence in my work.

What are the values that made you accept the request of the foundation?
There are still challenges waiting for me, I'd like to try myself in different fields. I'd love to help others, making their life easier, if it means only a smile, it does matter, I believe. This is a real challenge for me, helping a great team since we can reach more, we can reach higher together!

What's your role in the life of the foundation?
I'm going to try my best, according to my best knowledge when completing any tasks I'm entitled with. This is how I'd like to give others joy in the beginning.

What do you expect from this initiation?
I do hope that future holds something pleasant for all us let it be only a smile towards each other since smile is the shortest path between people. I do feel better when I can give- by this I don't mean presents in financial terms. Sometimes even a good word may do wonders.

What's your message or motto?
Helping people good heartedly and selflessly without waiting for something in return since in our hectic world everyone is rushing and there's no time to stop for a while.
It's high time we switched back to power save mode.
Make people smile.
Motto: "Love and paying attention to those in need."

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