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Virág Vida

Goodness Ambassador, Journalist, Reporter Los Angeles

Virág Vida

Virág Vida is a Hungarian cultural journalist, critic living is Los Angeles. She has reported on Hungarian newspapers and magazines about event is Los Angeles for nearly a decade: film premieres, film festivals, theatre premieres. She has been interviewed with many world-famous actors, artists and foreign and domestic representatives of cultural life. She attends Hungarian culture in Los Angeles and she is an active member of Hungarian cultural life at frequent home visits.

She is an artist herself: in 2015 she presented herself with an independent exhibition as a fine artist (Fate lines). She is currently illustrates poems and constantly working as a choreographer. Her diplomas were obtained at the University of Debrecen Hungarian Art-History course (MS) and at the Hungarian Dance Academy modern dance course (BA). Her name is associated with founding the LÉK Literature Self-Training Circle at University of Debrecen which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017.

What are you most proud of your work?
I considered journalistic work always obsequiousness, as a service rather than a self-expression. I think we have the honor to inform readers, listeners and viewers from events or locations, where they can not be present in person. If I write a critique I also try to help the reader’s choice and interpretation with the best of my professional skills. Mostly it fills me pride when my readers are grateful for my work.

What are the values for which you accepted the foundation’s request?
Charity service is always a persuasive argument for me.

What will be your role in the life of the Foundation as a member of the professional jury?
As a Goodness Ambassador I represent the Foundation’s most important values and have created a bridge between Los Angeles and Hungary.

What do you expect from the initiative of the Foundation?
I find it very important that foundations that support noble goals and help where it is most needed to be in the spotlight. This is what I see thereby that the Foundation for Foundations has developed a remuneration system by a professional jury.

What is your message, motto?
“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.” (Platon)

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